A major focus for ABA are our Development Programs that provide multiple pathways equally for male and female players from beginners through to representative play at all ages.


  • We provide clear plans and measures for players so they can understand what each level is and how to progress to higher levels. 

  • We set standards for our players. 

  • We communicate and care for them, while setting clear expectations for training. 

  • Coaches are accountable to deliver on lesson plans based on Shuttle Time. 

  • Lastly, we make sure to keep it FUN for everyone!

Girls or Boys Smash It: Starting Out in Badminton

These entry level outside of school hour’s programs are designed for beginners to learn the basics of Badminton. The affordable sessions are only one hour per week during term. Each player receives a $15 ABA ProShop voucher that they can use towards the getting their own youth racket or other items if they have a racket already.​​​​​​​

Most beginner players will go through the Smash It programs two or three times to master these skills at an advanced level, to then progress to the Shuttle Boys or Girls Academies.  When a player receives their certificate to show they are ready to move on, ABA also provides a $20 Voucher to go towards their first Shuttle Boys or Girls Academy enrolment. 

Shuttle Boys or Shuttle Girls Academies: Getting Serious About Badminton

Our Shuttle Boys and Shuttle Girls Academy program is led by Auckland Badminton Accredited coaches who deliver quality badminton sessions.

These advanced level outside of school hour’s programs are designed for players who have mastered the basics to develop higher level Badminton skills in terms of skills enhancement, tactical understanding and physical conditioning.​​​​​​​ The affordable sessions are two hours per week during term.

The aim of the program is to empower these up-and-coming players to reach their full potential and inspire the next generation of female badminton athletes.

This is an excellent program for those who are wanting to join our Junior Representative Program in the near future!

Most advanced players will go through the Shuttle Boys or Girls Academies two or three times to master these skills at a representative level, to then progress to the ABA Representative Programs and regular club competitions.

School Holiday Programs

A fun 3-day badminton holiday program for beginner to intermediate-level players, in need of expert coaching to accelerate their badminton skills. Numbers are limited for our programs to ensure that all children have a high-quality experience.

Drop off your child from 8:15am and pick them up by 3:45 pm each day. Your children will be fully supervised by our coaches from sign-in to sign-out. If your child wants to progress to being a representative players, or improve their skills to play with friends, then the Badminton Bash 3-day holiday program is for you!