Auckland Badminton Association is a not for profit organisation that governs the sport of badminton within the Auckland region from Portage Road in the west through to Te Irirangi Drive in the south and everything in between. Intrusted in developing the game and enhancing our athletes, we have 24 clubs affiliated to us catering for juniors and seniors, as well as the healthy midweek participants, making us the largest Association affiliated to Badminton New Zealand.

The Auckland Badminton Hall is located at 99 Gillies Ave, Epsom, and has 12 courts available that are utilised for the hosting of local, national, and international events as well as coaching academies, holiday programs, and casual hire. Within our facility we also have available a café and bar and a fabulous Pro Shop that stocks a range of badminton specific products from major brands and provides a restringing service.  ​​​​​​​


The Auckland Badminton Executive Council members are as follows:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Jeff Robson


Alauddin Khan (Balmoral Badminton Club)


Scott Tibbutt (Independent)


Malvin Leong (Independent)


Animesh Panda (Balmoral Badminton Club)

Nerissa Bright (College Rifles Badminton Club)

Danny Chia (Friends United Badminton Club)

Kim Calvert (Independent and Lloyd Elsmore Badminton Club)

Kelly Newsome (Independent)


1948                 A Winks

1949 - 1950     E R Utting

1951 - 1952       P C Dickey

1953 - 1954      E A Johns

1955 - 1957      R W Roach

1958 - 1960     A A Webster

1961 - 1962      R Bennett

1963 - 1972     R E Skeen

1973 - 1975     J E Robson

1976 - 1978     V Gow

1979 - 1984    D C Light

1985 - 1987    W B Beynon

1988 - 1990    H Robson

1991 - 1992     M Rowsell

1993 - 2007   W Greaves

2008 - 2010   S Smith

2010 - 2014   V Wong

​​​​​​​​2015 -             A Khan​​​​​​​


1949      J E Ramsey

1951       E R Utting

1958      O Dale

1961       A A Webster

1977      J E Robson

1978      R E Skeen

1988      V Gow

1988      D C Light

​1988      B Beynon

1991       H Robson

1996      M Rowsell

1997      W Greaves

1998      A R Dickinson

1999      R Westbrooke

2005     R Walbridge

2010      C Simms

2011       B Stevens

2013      S Smith

​2014      V Wong​​​​​​​