1.  What is the reason for the YYSL Competitions and Format?

2.  How do the new 2024 Squads relate to the 2023 Squads?

3.  Will we be able to see full squads prior to committing to the squad?

4.  How does ABA communicate with players and parents?

5.  Does ABA provide Coach Support at tournaments?

6.  How can players and parents engage more with ABA to understand the big picture of what is happening?

7.  How will ABA ensure there is consistency in the quality of coaching?

8.  How many players are in each squad?

9.  How many coaches are there per squad?

10.  What Footwork options will ABA offer in 2024?

11.   What plans does ABA have when partner venues are not available?

12.   What can ABA do to encourage more support from players and parents of others competing at tournaments in the way that other associations seem to support each other?

13.  Does ABA encourage the use of training diaries or other goal setting for players?

14.  Do ABA Coaches give regular feedback to players and parents?

15.  Does ABA work to keep prices reasonable for rep programs?

16.  I have a 14 year old who is good enough to play in seniors, will ABA let her play?

17.  Is my child stuck in the squad they are selected for initially for the whole year?

18.  Do you need to be a member of an ABA Club to join the ABA Rep Program?

19.  Does ABA offer financial assistance for players that travel overseas or make NZ teams?

20.  What is the youngest age my child can join the ABA representative program?

21.  Can I join ABA programs later on?

22.  If I’m under 19 and get offered a senior squad position, what are my options?

23.  If I am away do I get credit for sessions I miss?

24.  Can I leave training sessions early?

25.  How many teams are ABA sending to Palmerston North?

26.  I am in the Badminton NZ training squad and can’t train consistently with the Wisden Squad, does that mean I can’t be part of the Wisden Squad?