Shuttle Time is the Badminton World Federations (BWF) School’s badminton program. It is an innovative self-study training program to help educate teachers and coaches in the skills and knowledge to confidently deliver badminton lessons to students.

The BWF Shuttle Time programme is designed for children:

  • Of all ages and abilities to be successful in developing badminton skills;
  • To learn basic badminton skills through the activities in the lessons; and
  • To develop physical skills while learning badminton through the activities in BWF Shuttle Time.

The second component of the BWF Shuttle Time programme is based around educating and developing more adults to deliver the BWF Shuttle Time programme in a school / club or association setting.  Delivering Shuttle Time Teacher/Coach workshops is about providing teachers, parents/caregivers and volunteers with the opportunity through the delivery of workshops and the implementation of the BWF Shuttle Time resources to become confident and capable delivers of badminton in a school / club or association setting. 

The BWF Shuttle Time programme is the identified entry level programme in Badminton New Zealand’s player and coach development pathway.  The quality delivery of this programme lays the foundations for players and coaches to transition from a school setting into a club setting and then onto a performance setting. 

Supplementary to the self- study program, Badminton New Zealand have a direct training and education path of this program, with it being split into Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels to help make the path into coaching more simpler and less time consuming. Courses are run by Auckland Badminton every year, and more information will be available soon.

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